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Internal terminology

Here you can find the internally used terminology that has been or still needs to be translated.
Some terminology doesn't have to be translated anymore or has to be translated and adapted. This will be indicated. Although we focus in a first phase on the languages ces, deu, ell, eng, fra, hin, ita, nld, pol, por, rus, slk, spa, tur and zho, we certainly appreciate translations into any other languages.

Input form examples

Click on image to see image page. Then click on link "Original file" to see original.

Add term form.jpg

English input form for a term called "preform" without target language selection (no box checked).

Add term form b.jpg

Same English input form with 2 target languages selected and terms added.

Translating input forms

If you want to translate an input form, you can do so by putting your translation of the elements from the list below into a spreadsheet file. Use the numbering of the list in the first column of your file. Please do not translate the list, but click on the links per element as some elements need not be translated anymore or need a special format, which you can see on the respective pages. You can choose any of the existing languages as source language.
If you just want to see how a form looks like, don't log in and click on one of the Add terms links in the left menu, type in any term and click the button. You'll see the form, but won't be able to save anything. Please note: some elements of the following list are not part of the form itself, but still need to be translated.

English input form list

Here is the list with the English terminology (some obsolete) used with input forms and links to the translations (red text needs not to be translated):

Number English
001 Create term page

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Source language*:

004 Target language(s):
005 Synonym(s):
006 There were errors with your form input; see below.
007 cannot be blank
008 Add terms

Add new term


Change term status


Start of form

012 Enter here the name of the page to be edited with the form "Term (xxx)".
If this page already exists, you will be taken to the form for editing that page.
Otherwise, you will be taken to the form for adding the page.
013 Create or edit
014 Selected source language
015 Select target language(s):
016 Synonym(s) source language:
017 Enter one or more synonyms separated by a comma (,).
018 Add section(s):
019 In this field you can add text in wiki syntax, but you have to add a title for each section. Titles are put between ==.
020 Example: "== New Section 1 ==" (see instructions).
021 Restricted to starters/specialists/experts/supervisors/inspectors.
022 Change term status[1]:
023 Statuses are: starter, specialist, expert, supervisor.
024 [inspector], [administrator]
025 You need a different user status to edit this page!
026 Translation
027 Language
028 Link

Main page

030 Contributing
031 Advertising
032 You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:
033 The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Users.
034 Warning: This page already exists, but it does not use this form.

language variant

036 The term you're looking for could not be found. Please consider contributing.
037 Checked? none - yes - no
038 Other language resources
039 To be edited
040 Fill in a general English (eng) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
040 Fill in a British English (bri) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
040 Fill in an American English (ame) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
040 Fill in an Australian English (aus) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
040 Fill in a Canadian English (cae) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
040 Fill in a New Zealand English (nze) term to add a new term or to edit an existing one.
041 Miscellaneous
042 Internal translations

How to check and test a newly translated input form

Once you have translated the form elements, we will create the form and link it to the forms in the other languages. Then we'll send you (and/or another person) a link to the newly created form, a log-in and a password. Then follow the following steps:

  1. Log in with the log-in and password provided (This user has the status "specialist" (you'll see what that means)).
  2. Go to the provided link for testing the form
  3. Check whether everything is correct in the form language in this first part of the form
  4. Type in a term in the form language
  5. Click on the button
  6. Check whether everything is correct in the form language in this second part of the form
  7. Check the checkbox for eng and/or deu and/or nld (and of any other available language you want) and fill in the translations for the term you want to add in the fields of the languages you selected. Use capital letters if and only if that is the correct spelling in the respective language!
  8. Type in the Add section(s) field (that is the big "word processing" field) in the form's language == Internal comment == and then (in English): FORM TEST + your first and last name (or the first two letters of your first and last name = 4 letters in total).
  9. Click the button save page, or first preview
  10. Check whether everything is correct in the new form language in the resulting page
  11. Let us know:
    1. whether you found any mistakes
    2. whether everything would be clear for a contributor speaking the new form language

English section title list

Here is the list with allowed section titles in English and links to their translations. More information and instructions can be found under menu item Contributing.

Number English
ST001 Internal comment
ST002 Source term synonym(s) (already predefined in the form)
ST003 Abbreviations
ST004 Grammatical information
ST005 Definitions
ST006 Short definitions
ST007 Pronunciations
ST008 Examples
ST009 Remarks
ST010 Usage
ST011 Sources
ST012 Contexts
ST013 Images
ST014 Collocations
ST015 Antonyms
ST016 Related terms
ST017 Subject fields
ST018 Page sponsored by

Other section elements that need to be translated

Some elements often used in sections.

Number English
OEFT001 © with kind permission

Texts to be written, translated, checked

Texts under the menu items 'Contributing', 'Advertising', 'Help', 'Other language resources' and 'Internal translations' need to be finished in English and/or translated into all other languages.

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