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If you have any term combinations with a language not mentioned here, please request a language code before adding the term.

Code Language name
afr Afrikaans
sqi Albanian
ara Arabic (Standard Arabic)
ear Typical Egyptian Arabic
bel Belarussian
bos Bosnian
bul Bulgarian
ces Czech
zho Chinese, general
cmn Chinese, Mandarin Chinese
ctw Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin
cma Chinese, Malaysian Mandarin
csi Chinese, Singaporian Mandarin
chc Chinese, Yue Chinese
dan Danish, general
dak Danish typically used in Denmark
dag Danish typically used in Greenland
daf Danish typically used on the Faroe Islands
eng English
aus Typical Australian English
nze Typical New Zealand English
bri Typical British English
cae Typical Canadian English
ame Typical American English
est Estonian
fin Finnish
fra French
cfr Typical Swiss French
bfr Typical Belgian French
ffr French typical for France
lfr Typical Luxemburg French
caf Typical Canadian French
kat Georgian
deu German
dde German typical for Germany
ade Typical Austrian German
bde Typical Belgian German
cde Typical Swiss Standard German (not Swiss German)
ide Typical Italian German
lde Typical Luxemburg German
gle Irish
ell Greek
gsw Swiss German; Alemannic; Alsatian/NOT USED.
heb Hebrew
hin Hindi
hrv Croatian
hun Hungarian
ind Indonesian
int International (formulas)
isl Icelandic
ita Italian
jpn Japanese
kat Georgian
kor Korean
lat Latin
lav Latvian
lit Lithuanian
ltz Luxembourgish; Letzeburgesch
mkd Macedonian
msa Malay
nld Dutch
nnl Typical Dutch Netherlands
bnl Typical Dutch Belgium
nor Norwegian
fas Persian
pol Polish
por General Portuguese
ppo Typical Portuguese Portugal
pob Typical Portuguese Brazil
ron Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
rus Russian (general)
rur Russian in Russia
rub Russian in Belarus
rka Russian in Kazakhstan
rki Russian in Kyrgyzstan
rut Russian in Tajikistan
rum Russian in Moldova
ruu Russian in Ukraine
ruz Russian in Uzbekistan
rru Russian in Romania
rui Russian in Israel
rno Russian in Norway
run Russian in the USA
rso Russian in South Ossetia
rua Russian in Abkhazia
rtr Russian in Transnistria
sgn Sign Languages USE: e.g. bnl sgn = Belgian Dutch Sign Language
slk Slovak
slv Slovenian
spa Spanish
spc Typical Castilian Spanish
esa Typical Andalusian Spanish
esc Typical Catalan Spanish
esg Typical Galician Spanish
eus Typical Basque
esm Typical Mexican Spanish
ech Typical Chilean Spanish
sqi Albanian
srp Serbian
sve Swedish, general
ssv Typical Swedish of Sweden
fsv Typical Finland Swedish
tha Thai
tur Turkish
ukr Ukrainian
vie Vietnamese
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