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For information and instructions on how to add terms see Contributing.


Help in English

How to use Terminallogy as a reader

  • How to search for terms.
  • List of language codes

Use the list of codes to be used on the website Terminallogy for the representation of names of languages. The list is based on ISO 639-2.
If you have any term combinations with a language not mentioned here, please request a language code before adding the term.

How to use Terminallogy as a contributor

Please see menu item Contributing.

Legal information


Searching terms is free. Prices for placing ads can be found under Advertising.

Contact addresses

Complaints such as abuse, copyright infringements, etc.:
Language errors such as double entries, spelling mistakes, etc.:
General messages such as suggestions, questions, etc.:


  • Why would my company provide glossaries to Terminallogy?
  1. Because it's useful for people searching for terms to have all term information in one place
  2. Because your company can have banner ads for free
  3. Because your terms are checked and double-checked before they are published in a term page

Help in other languages

Hilfe auf Deutsch

Hulp in het Nederlands

Aide en Français

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