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Information for advertisers

There are four ways of placing advertisements on Entri:

  1. Your company can provide a list with at least 50 valid new terms[1] with their translation(s) and once they are published, your banner[2] will be put free of charge below every article with your terms in the lemma under the title 'Provided by'.
  2. Your company can provide relevant images[3] When the image is published your company will be mentioned free of charge in the image caption line as owner of the image.
  3. Your company can buy banner space on article pages which have none of the forms of advertisement mentioned above. Your banner will be put below every article page for which you bought banner space under the title 'Sponsored by'.
  4. Your company can request a banner campaign. In that case your banner will appear more or less randomly on top of most article pages.


  • If you don't have a banner, we can create one for you according to your instructions.


Banner on 30-59 pages Banner on 60-89 pages Banner on 90 and more pages Banner creation Banner campaign - 1 to 12 weeks Banner campaign - 13 weeks and more
1 EUR/page 0.66 EUR/page 0.44 EUR/page 20 EUR/banner 50 EUR/week to be negotiated
  • When ordering another group of pages, the number of previously paid pages is added to the number of newly ordered pages.
  • All payments, except for banner campaigns, are "for life", i.e. as long as this website and your company exist.
  • Send your orders to bannerorder. We will then send you an invoice and further instructions.
  1. Terms are valid if they are used by a wider group of people at different locations. Company-internal terms are not considered valid.
  2. Size: 468 x 60 pixels
  3. Images are considered relevant if they give users in all languages a good idea about a term.

Why would you provide your glossaries (or terms) in the first place?

  • One central place for all your terms.
  • Your terms will be checked for free before creation of a term page.
  • Your terms may get additional information from other users.
  • You support the community.
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