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This is a general introduction for visitors to Entri. You can find more details about the project in the left menu sections, e.g. some information about contributing.

Entri is a multilingual and multifunctional free-content dictionary developed by Top Communica, a small language service provider, and based on a partially editable model. It is a multifunctional termbase because:

  • although in Entri we focus on terms in a strict sense of the word, term is taken in a very broad sense, i.e. any word or expression that might be useful for writers;
  • we do not limit ourselves to information which can generally be found in dictionaries. Relevant pictures, context, definitions, spelling rules, typographical rules, etc. are all welcome.

Entri is written collaboratively by largely anonymous contributors, internet volunteers - mainly translators and terminologists - who add and edit depending on their user status term articles, so called "term pages", as well as term tables without pay. However, contributors can sell banner space on Entri. Any user with internet access can, if accepted and registered, write and make changes to term pages. Users can contribute under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity. If you'd like to add or edit term pages too, just join the club!

The software chosen to run Entri is MediaWiki, which also powers wiki websites like Wikipedia and Wiktionary. The reasons for this choice are:

  • The software is more or less predestined to be used for dictionary-type websites.
  • Known to most internet users.
  • The software is free, open source and stable.
  • Ideal for large projects.
  • Many possible configurations and extensions.

Moreover Entri is part of a wider project in which it would become one module of a CAT suite that differs from what is currently on the market. This is one reason why we use Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) as an extension to MediaWiki, apart from the fact that semantic forms are ideal and easy to use for creating new term pages.

If you would like to support the development of Entri or any other of our linguistic projects please consider donating via this page (non-deductible).

Also companies will be offered to have a private Entri subdomain where they can create their own Entri termbase and decide which term pages they want to publish on the publicly accessible Entri main site.

The name Entri was chosen because the main module of the termbase is the term entry form. The logo is a stylized E and vocabulary entry.

Although Entri uses the MediaWiki software and has a Wikipedia look & feel it is not a part of Wikimedia Foundation projects nor is it endorsed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Change your user language here (warning: not fully implemented yet!).

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  • Entri was nominated for a Language Industry Award (LIA) for Best Language Website in 2014 and won the second place title thanks to voters in Belgium, Poland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, the US, the UK, Japan and Hong Kong.

This website is financed and maintained by Top Communica. In order to be able to improve these services and to offer them for free and free of ads in the future we'd like to ask you to visit our donation page and donate any amount you like.

Concept and copyright: Top Communica
Designed in the EU of languages.
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